Recommended Testing & Maintenance Equipment

Recommended Testing & Maintenance Equipment

Safety First

Important Life Safety Notice

Injury, death, loss of property, fire, electric shock, malfunction, reduced performance & machine life, and critical failures can result from not reading, understanding, and following the Operation Manual.

Always refer to the official user's manual for important safety and operating information:

The machine must only be operated by trained and authorized personnel. The scopes of competence for the different activities in the scope of operating the machine must be clearly defined and observed, so that under the aspect of safety, no unclear questions of competence occur. 

This applies in particular to activities on the electric equipment, which must only be performed by qualified . For all activities concerning installation, set-up, start-up, operation, modifications of conditions and methods of operation, maintenance, inspection and repair, the switch-off procedures that may be provided in the Operation Manual must be observed.

Voltages Present in Thunder Equipment

There are many hazards to be aware of when working with our machines. You will be dealing with 110V AC 60Hz power that can deliver up to 20A (it only takes 0.5A to kill you) across the entire Thunder Laser USA lineup. 

The Nova series machines with water-cooled DC excited glass tubes utilize a high voltage DC power supply that is capable of outputting 30,000V DC at 30mA and more. The HVLPS Output (big red wire) should NOT be metered. That wire is big, red, and scary for a reason.

The Nova and Odin series have 2 DC power supplies: a 24VDC for the electronics, lighting and signaling, etc..., and a 36V DC LVPSU dedicated to the X and Y axis motors.

The Thunder Laser machines outfitted with air-cooled RF excited metal tubes will not have a 30KVDC HVLPSU. The RF tubes are powered by a 48V DC LVPSU.

The Aurora series machines have 4 DC power supplies (2 24vDC, 1 15vDC, and 1 36vDC).  

Other Dangers and Hazards

Besides the risk of electrocution, you must be mindful of the motion control components, peripherals, etc... as well as the laser beam itself. The moving parts of these systems can injure, pinch, trap, and even kill you so pay attention and, if you are not confident (or competent) to perform any of these task, you should consult someone who is.

Basic Test Equipment

A way to measure voltage, continuity, etc... is needed to perform some troubleshooting efficiently and safely.

You can find $10 meters on Amazon Prime in less than a day, or one like we refence in this article, or you can spend many hundreds of dollars.

We are using the kit referenced because it is locally available, reasonably priced, and the entire kit is useful for maintaining this machine.
Here is an image of the kit:

Here is the link to the kit at Lowe's:

You can find the Prop65 Warning Label and the Operating Manual for this product attached to this article.

Advanced Test Equipment

Coming soon

Other Tools & Equipment

In the works

Important Links & Resources

We have wiring diagrams, troubleshooting instructions, and just about anything else you can think of in the knowledgebase.
Here are some of the more commonly refenced articles:

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