Nova Series Laser Won't Turn On - No Power

Nova Series Laser Won't Turn On - No Power

Preface: This article covers some of the basics for when your Nova Series Machine will not power on.

Basic things to Check:

Emergency Stop Button

Estop Button Pressed. Could be accidental by like a pet, a long board, a kid walking through the garage. It happens. But Lets check it to be sure even if you think it is not the case.

Laser Machine Main Breaker

2017 and new machines will have a breaker. Otherwise, see the check for a fuse further down in this article.

A tripped\off main breaker in your Laser Control Panel

Example of a tripped breaker on a Nova 51. Green Indicator means the breaker is Off and not passing power

Determine what tripped the breaker or if it was just off. Correct the issue and reset the breaker.

How to Reset:

1.Press the Estop

2.Reset the breaker

3. Clear the Estop
4. Check for power up

Feeder Breaker for Laser Machine Receptacle

You will need to locate your panel and know which breaker feeds the machine. Each users panel will be different so this information is relative to the situation

Locate the main breaker for your Receptacle that the Laser Machine Plugs into. Is it Tripped?

(Look for an Orange Tripped indicator, may not be exactly like that is shown here)
If you are not using a dedicated breaker (you have other items on your circuit) you need to remove them and dedicate the receptacle to the laser only.

Here is how to reset:

Internal Fuse Blown

For 2016 and older machines you will need to check for a Fuse instead of a circuit breaker. Please check and replace the fuse, like below.

Check for a blown fuse at the back of the machine in the power socket.

Example of a blown fuse

Determine what blew the fuse. Correct the issue and replace the fuse.

Good Fuse:

Reference Articles: