Thunder Laser USA Warranty & Transfer Information

Thunder Laser USA Warranty & Transfer Information

Thunder Laser Factory Warranty

Thunder Laser Global

The current 2022 OEM factory warranty can be found below.
The factory warranty start date is the day it leaves the factory.




Thunder Laser USA

Thunder Laser USA understands that some lead times are extended, so we do look at delivery date, service history, etc... and will make sure that you get your full warranty periods.

How To Find Your Warranty Start Date

A good way to get really close to your warranty start date  is to look at the mfg date on the machine tag (back of the machine near the main power connection). 
That date is close to the time it left the factory. 
Here is more on where to find info like that: Finding Information About Your Equipment

Warranty Transfer

While Thunder Laser Global does not provide for warranty transfers, Thunder Laser USA clients have the ability to transfer any remaining warranty (as well as free lifetime remote support) as the 1st ORIGINAL owner to the SECOND owner.

The LightBurn key can transfer as well but that is beyond the span of our control. LightBurn Support can assist there.
1 hr. trainings are non-transferable.

Warranty Transfer Form

The warranty transfer form (see below) is intended to be completed by the 1st original owner of the Thunder Laser USA machine. You will need to collect some technical data about the machine as well as the contact information of the 2nd owner that the machine will transfer to.

You can fill out the warranty transfer form by clicking this link:

Second Owner Support 

If the 2nd owner runs into trouble they just email and the team will be ready to assist them.

Here are some helpful resources for the 2nd owner:

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