RotoBoss Roller Rotary Setup

RotoBoss Roller Rotary Setup

Preface: This Article covers how to set up the rotary to get your steps right for a given tumbler and some best practices.

Best Practices and things to NOT do:

Below are suggestions to keep in mind when setting up and operating your Rotary to give yourself the best chance of success for today and for the future
1. Roller Rotary is installed with the motor to the Top Left
2. The machine knows when the Rotary is plugged in, you do not need to enable it from Lightburn
3. Rotary Steps and Roller Diameter are NOT saved with the Lightburn OR rd run file. You always have to set them up again.
4. In order to read or write Rotary Steps or Roller Diameter, you must be connected to the machine
5. Do not overtighten the tumbler in the Rotary, it can Slip. Tumblers from the same manufacturer can vary in length and roundness.
6. Use USER ORIGIN with the rotary. Not Current Position and Not Absolute coordinates
7. It is best to drive the larger diameter of a tumbler
8. Avoid driving on Threads of tumblers
9. Send, frame and Start all jobs from the machine (You can shift+send a rotary job but it is not ideal, you should frame before you run)
10. Full wraps and multi sided jobs add to the complexity and require more accuracy in setup
11. The larger you do your setup test square, strip etc the more accurate you will be
12. You want to place the rotary so that its is trammed with the laser head. Avoid using the edge of the honeycomb or machine as your guide
13. Save the Steps and roller Diameter, Cup type, Color etc of the tumbler with the Lightburn file using the Notes option
14. One pass...make it a good one. Do not try to do multiple passes or multiple layers. All graphics should be on 1 layer if possible
15. Line layers or Offset fill are not advised on a Rotary job
16. Test jog the rotary from the Controller Menu "U MOVE". Left and Right arrows will make the Rotary jog
17. Why do we mess with steps and roller diameter? To trick the rotary to spin the engraving surface the right amount. When we drive the tumbler from a smaller or larger area of the cup, the engraving area doesn't spin the right amount since it is a different diameter.
18. Circles will engrave to the correct diameter but since they are wrapped around a cup, they will appear as ovals. The Y direction of the circle needs to be stretched
19. Graphics are rotated to the left 90 degrees in Lightburn to engrave properly on the Tumbler
20. See the "Important Links" Section at the bottom of this article for more information


Here is a short tutorial on setting up The Thunder Laser USA improved roller rotary. 

4400 steps per rotation is a good baseline. Your roller wheel diameter will vary by model, be sure to measure and enter the proper value.

Reference Video:

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