Nova Series Machine Dimensions

Nova Series Machine Dimensions

shown with tube extension

shown without tube extension for rear dimension only. ALL NOVA 24's HAVE TUBE EXTENSIONS

FOR YOUR REFERENCE: The nova 24 weighs in at around 308 pounds and measures roughly 55"x31"x23". Similarly, a typical 21 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator (WRS321SDHW) is about 243 pounds and measures around 66"x33"x32".

Machine Weights & Dims

CM  (IN)
CM  (IN)
NOVA 24107cm (42.1in)81cm (31.9in)61cm  (24in)130kg (287LB)
NOVA 35-80150cm (59.1in)110.5cm (43.5in)104cm (40.9in)310kg (683LB)
NOVA 35-100
190cm (74.8in)
110.5cm (43.5in)
104cm (40.9in)
315kg (694LB)
NOVA 51190cm (74.8in)140.5m (55.3in)104cm (40.9in)430kg (948LB)
NOVA 63220cm (86.6in)150.5cm (59.3in)104cm (40.9in)470kg (1063LB)
ODIN 22103cm (40in)86cm (34in)109cm (43in)125kg (276LB)
ODIN 3298.7cm (39in)128.4cm (51in)19cm (43in)167kg (368LB)
AURORA 870.3m (27.7in)43cm (17in)81.2m (32in)71kg (157LB)
70.3m (27.7in)
43cm (17in)
81.2m (32in)
72kg (159LB)‚Äč

Crate Weights & Dims

Here is what comes in the crate: Nova Series Included Parts

CM  (IN)
CM  (IN)
NOVA 24155cm (61in)91cm (35.82in)84cm  (33in)226kg (498LB)1.185 (11.88)
NOVA 35-80200cm (79in)127cm (50in)127cm (50in)405kg (893LB)3.23 (7.81)
NOVA 35-100
200cm (79in)
127cm (50in)
127cm (50in)
415kg (915LB)
3.23 (8.01)
NOVA 51230cm (91in)155cm (61.02in)127cm (50in)569kg (1255LB)4.53 (7.81)
NOVA 63230cm (91in)165cm (64.96in)127cm (50in)629kg (1387LB)4.82 (8.1)
ODIN 22113cm (45in)100cm (39.37in)127cm (50in)217kg (478LB)1.42 (9.19)
ODIN 32140cm (55in)115cm (45.27in)127cm (50in)277kg (611LB)2.05 (8.53)
AURORA 2095cm (37in)55cm (21.65in)120cm (47in)114kg (251LB)0.5 (11.2)

Measurement without the base (35, 51, and 63)


Nova35: 32 kg / 70.54 lbs
Nova51: 38 kg / 83.77 lbs
Nova63: 45 kg / 99.20 lbs

All nova series machines will fit through a doorway:

Getting Nova Series Machines Through A Standard 30" Doorway

Table Height Dimensions for Passthrough:

Approximate height from the floor to the Bypass table height. Height will vary when using leveling feet and floor slope.
Nova 35\51 28 5/8" +-1"
Nova 63- 30 1/2" +-1"

Example Layouts for Space Considerations:

Note that the drawings a done graphically and may not be to scale. Use the measurements accompanied by arrows and devices.

Nova 24 60W (All Nova 24 Have an Extension):

Overall Space Required Approximately: 5.5ft x 3.65ft

Nova 35 80W (No Extension):

Overall Space Required Approximately: 7.7 ft x 4.6ft

Nova 35 100W (Has Extension):

Overall Space Required Approximately: 8ft x 4.6ft

Nova 51 100W and Nova 51 130w:

Overall Space Required Approximately: 8.7ft x 5.6ft

Nova 63 100W and Nova 63 130w:

Overall Space Required Approximately: 10ft x 6ft

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