Getting Nova Series Machines Through A Standard 30" Doorway

Getting Nova Series Machines Through A Standard 30" Doorway

User Created Video:

Thunder Video:

The Users Guide section will walk you through 6 steps for learning how to disassemble your Nova

Note: There’s glass laser tube inside the laser machine, be careful and do not collide with anything when moving.

Please do as following:

1. Remove the front door, the honeycomb table and the blades. (To reduce the weight and make it easier to move)

2.Remove the Tower Alarm Lamp;(take a picture of the wiring before you remove it)

Disconnect the wire from the connector ( 24V4 to green ; 24V5 to red ; 0V3 to black )

 Newer machines can reference this article to remove the LED Stacklight

3. Fix the top lid.

Remove the bypass door and Crumb tray door. Use tape or Zip ties to secure the lid. Larder machines will only have a single center handle. Loop the tape or zip ties to the cross brace as shown below.

4. Unscrew all the screws that hold the center section of the machine to the Base. There are 8 screws on each side.

5. Move the machine upper part with a dolly rated for weight

6. After moving all the parts to your room, please reassemble them by fix 8 screws on each side.


Nova Series Machine Dimensions

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