Example Layouts for Work Space Considerations For Nova Laser Machines

Example Layouts for Work Space Considerations For Nova Laser Machines

The drawings a done graphically and may not be to scale. Use the measurements accompanied by arrows and devices. You should also allow for working space in front of the machine and for any additional peripherals you add.

Example Nova 24 Layout

All Nova 24's Have a tube extension

Overall Space Required Approximately: 6.2ft x 3.65ft (Note that with a custom stand and parts, you can locate the chiller to the side or under the machine to save space)

Example Nova 35 80W Layout

No Extension for 80W

Overall Space Required Approximately: 7.7 ft x 4.6ft

Example Nova 35 100W Layout

Overall Space Required Approximately: 8ft x 4.6ft (Note that with a Chiller Extension kit you can move the chiller to the right under the tube extension to save space)

Example Nova 51 100W and Nova 51 130w Layouts

Overall Space Required Approximately: 8.7ft x 5.6ft

Example Nova 63 100W and Nova 63 130w Layouts

Overall Space Required Approximately: 10ft x 6ft

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