Testing Z Axis Endstops

Testing Z Axis Endstops

for the z min:

check the autofocus sensors and make sure they are not pointing down too far to see each other. the mounting holes for the sensor can be too close to the edge on the radius and this causes the sensor to be out of alignment:

there are status indicators on the ruida for the z min endstop. wee need to iunterrupt the sensors and see if the dsp led indicator reacts to the sensor array: LED #5

the brown and blue wires on the sensor array should be +24vdc(brn) and 0vdc(blu). the black wire on the receiver (right) side goes to the ruida dsp cn3 pin 4 

there are status indicators on the Ruida for the z min endstop. We need to interrupt the sensors and see if the dsp led indicator reacts to the sensor array: LED #5

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