Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Preface: This article covers the aspects of Machine Shipping and Deliveries. There are responsibilities for the customer to understand and follow  in combination with what the Delivery Company (3rd Party Freight) is contracted to do. It is not every day you will receive a shipment as large as a Laser Machine. These type deliveries are not a usual thing for most people so there are a few things that you should consider when receiving your machine.

If you have any delivery questions please contact:
Randy Stubbs

Damaged Machine? Please see the section below about Delivery Day on what to do

General Timeline of Events:

The delivery process is well....a process. Its not as easy as an Amazon delivery. Please read through the following so that you have a better idea of what to expect and what you are responsible for as well.

1. Machine is dispatched from warehouse

      Thunder Logistics assigns a laser to your address. It is then picked up by the selected carrier to being transported to a local depot. When you receive tracking and see a delivery date, it is generally the date that it will arrive at the depot, not your location.

2. Machine arrives at local Shipping Depot

      Typically the depot will call prior to the crate arriving to start the scheduling process. If you track the crate and it has arrived at the depot, it would be good to call the local depot and select the option for delivery appointments. Depending on your location and local depot, they may only run to each area 1 day a week, so getting the delivery scheduled as soon as possible could save you a week of delay. Also the less time the crate spends in a truck or at a depot, the less of chance it has to become damaged.

3. Shipping Depot calls to schedule an appointment

      Be on the lookout to receive a phone call from your local depot. You will likely not recognize the number. Check your voicemails as well. Call them back as soon as possible. 
You will need to schedule a day for the delivery. Most depots will give a wide range of delivery time for the selected day, that is normal. Typically they will ask if you want the driver to call before arriving which is a good option, some drivers may still not call even when requested.

5. Delivery Day

-Prepare a spot for the machine to be placed and have the tools and labor to uncrate
-Prepare yourself if the driver decides to only deliver to the end of your driveway
-Driver's truck is loaded with freight deliveries for the day by loaders. They may not load properly and depending on where your Laser is place will dictate the delivery time. Some Depots will allow you to call and get an update the day of for a tighter window.
-Watch your phone for an unknown number calling, it will likely be the drivers Personal Cell phone to give you the courtesy call
-Listen for the sounds of the truck pulling up at your address
-Give the driver space. Its their truck and their responsibility to get it off the truck. If you assist and something goes wrong, they may site that on the Bill of Lading.
-Damage: You must inspect visually for damage to the crate\shipping box and note it on the Bill of Lading (Shipping Receipt). If you do not note the damage then any kind of recourse against the shipper is eliminated and makes things more difficult to rectify.
-If the crate is completely crushed and beat, you may elect to refuse delivery. Minor damage can usually be rectified and compensation is available (User Preference here, Thunder Laser will provide repair parts and guidance on how to fix). If the crate is damaged, take pictures and email them to ASAP
-A Driver that is overly friendly and in a rush is often trying to get a damaged crate off his truck and off to the next delivery. Be watchful, they have the time to let you visually walkaround the crate before signing the Bill of Lading
-If the driver does not offer a Bill of Lading to sign, ask for it. Keep your copy
-Some companies require the drivers to take pictures to confirm delivery which is normal so do not be alarmed
-Take plenty of your own pictures of the delivery, before uncrating
-Verify that the correct machine is sent, if not, then you must refuse the delivery and email

Example of a Bill of Lading (Shipping Receipt)

Special or unique considerations:

      If any of the following apply to you, it would be good to let the Shipping Depot know ahead of time as it will set the tone for the delivery day. Depending on your specific delivery situation, you may need to have equipment on hand to make Delivery Day smooth and eventless.

Do you live in a remote area that is non-navigable by a semi truck?

Long unpaved driveway? 

Steep driveway?

Low Availability for delivery?

No turnaround?

      If so, then being prepared for the day will make it smoother. You may need to have a Forklift on hand, a tractor, plywood\materials, group of helpers\movers. Freight companies are only obligated to deliver to the driveway but most drivers are helpful if you assist them. 

Flatbed pickup and Delivery:

An option is for the customer to hire a flatbed tow truck to pick up the crate from the depot and to deliver it to their location


-Able to schedule a tighter delivery window. You must coordinate with the Tow Driver and the shipping Depot's pickup window's which vary by location
-Works well for larger machines like the Nova 51 and Nova 63
-You will basically get to pick your delivery day without concerns for the depot's route schedule


-Must coordinate with Randy Stubbs and the shipping depot prior to. A release form is mandatory
-Damages - The pickup at the depot is the only time to note damages. It would be good to be present at the depot with the driver. 
-Cost - Depending on your distance to the depot, it may be costly to hire the towing company

Reference Delivery Videos:

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