Plug Adapters for External Exhaust Fans and Stock Compressor

Plug Adapters for External Exhaust Fans and Stock Compressor

The stock wiring in the Thunder Laser Machine is rated for 10amps. Do not exceed more than 10amps (1200watts) of load per plug (exhaust fan and compressor output each. Total load should not exceed 10 amps.

Plug identification:

General location on the back the Nova machines:

The common household plug is formally known as a NEMA 5-15p. It is a 3 prong plug used on many appliances.

The back of the Thunder Laser machine has C14 sockets to plug the Exhaust Fan and Stock compressor into. As you go to change some of the components out, most commonly the exhaust fan for an Infinity inline fan, you can adapt the socket to accept the new devices plug without having to rewire the device.

C14 Plug on the left, common to be found on the device such as the stock exhaust fan or compressor. C13 plug on the right is found on the stock Compressor and Exhaust fan (devices)

20A Receptacle:

Adapter to run an inline fan from the Thunder Laser:

The required conversion plug would be a C14 to Nema 5-15r adapter. 

External compressors use a separate standard outlet.


Adapter to be able to plug in the stock fan or compressor into a wall outlet for other uses:

The required cable would be a C13 to NEMA 5-15p.


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