Parameter Comparison

Parameter Comparison

This is not a settings sheet from which to obtain values to operate the laser. See the Material Libraries for ballpark settings info for various materials:

If you are calculating cutting speed into your ROI and are trying to decide what wattage you need, you may want to have a look at this. Keep in mind that, as with everything else pertaining to lasers, this data will vary depending on setup, environment, duty cycle, material, etc...and is not guaranteed accurate. This is aggregate data from many thunder specific sources but there are 'inconsistencies'. 

These inconsistencies are there in part because of best practices. For example, you can cut 3/4" acrylic with a 60w machine (and even a 40w probably), but its not ideal. I have a Nova 35-80 that cuts 3/4" acrylic, 2" hardwoods, 1/2" ply, 3" foam, 2x4's and more. 

And sometimes our 130w machines struggle to cut 1/4" ply but that is always material, focus, optics and alignment, and settings (or a combination thereof).

Additionally, most of all other Chinese lasers are not calibrated (tube to power supply) and may not use good quality optics so most people cannot even hold an intelligent conversation about speed and power. Thunder machines are standardized and calibrated the same way so you can have things like Material Libraries and have real solid info across the wattages.