Nova Series Honeycomb bed size vs the working space of the laser visualization

Nova Series Honeycomb bed size vs the working space of the laser visualization

Preface: This article covers the honeycomb bed size vs the working space of the laser. The working space is smaller than the honeycomb. Smaller machines will have a proportionally larger honeycomb since the amount of space required for the machine gantry components to be able to move the laser head is the same no matter the size of the machine. This is reflected in the below images and you can easily see it if you compare the Nova 24 to the Nova 63. The typical honeycomb oversize is 130mm in Y and 100mm in X.

Why is this important:

Users will often get a "Not enough Extend Space" Error when they feel their artwork and material is far enough from the edge of the honeycomb when it is not far enough from the edge of the working space of the laser.

More on Extend Space and Extend Space Errors:

The blue box  area is a representation of the workspace size. Note that the workspace is not necessarily centered on the honeycomb. This is a visualization, not an exact representation.

Nova 24:

Nova 35:

Nova 51:

Nova 63:

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