Laser User Origin Not Setting Correctly

Laser User Origin Not Setting Correctly

When using the Start From in Lightburn set to "User Origin", you should be able to set an Origin on the machine as your statrting position and test with a Frame operation. To set the Origin on the machine, you jog the laser head to where you would like the origin to be and then press the blue Origin button on the Laser Machine Controller and hear the beep. At that point, the origin should be set.

Lightburn Interface:

Laser Machine Interface:

Symptoms that you may observe if the Origin function is not working:

-Job frames in the wrong location even though you have Start From set to "User Origin", the right origin location in the 9 radio button and you double checked you set the origin

Pressing the origin button, you hear the beep but the machine doesn't seem to save the location, this can be verified by:
-When powering the machine up and machine parameters are set to return to the origin, it returns somewhere else other than the Home position or origin you just set
-By using the "Home" and "Go To Origin" buttons in LB, the machine goes to Home but not back to the correct user Origin.


Most likely Cause
-Check that "Multi Origin Mode" is NOT enabled - Go to the Laser Machine controller, Press "Menu" button, scroll down to the Origin Set++  option, press Enter

Check to see if "Multi Origin Enable" was enabled (red box means enabled)

Remove the enable for "Multi Origin Enable"

Exit out of the menu system and recheck your origin function.

If the above did not work and was not the case, then
-Backup all the job files on the controller if needed
-Backup the machine settings (In Lightburn: Edit>Machine Settings and save)
-Reset the controller to default using the procedure here.