Inspecting and Cleaning Nova Series Optics

Inspecting and Cleaning Nova Series Optics

Thanks to Robert Kofoed for the video!

This article is for Nova series machines.

Please note that Thunder has been shipping foam optics swabs instead of the cloth. If you have swabs, by all means use them.

Proper care and routine maintenance of the machine will ensure optimal performance over a long service life.

It is imperative that you remove, inspect, and clean your optics before running the machine for the first time. 

Mainly because you need familiarize yourself with this procedure as you will be inspecting your optics at least once daily and cleaning and adjusting as required.

And also because we have seen the optics (particularly the mirrors) being received tarnished, possibly due to environmental conditions during transport, etc... Every machine is tested before it leaves the factory but the optics can get fouled. We have determined that the optics are not damaged, so clean them up and you will be good to go.

This is what can happen if you don't frequently check your optics: Common Focus Lens Failure & ZnSe Info

Here is the PM Checklist:


☑ Focus lens


☑ Reflector

☑ Laser combiner

☑ Keep machine clean


☑ Rails and Screws

☑ Laser beam path

☑ Exhaust fan

☑ Water Chiller


• Focus lens

1.Remove the laser head  

2. Divide the laser head

3. Remove the focus lens with the tool  

4. Clean the lens with lens cloth



Note: The direction of focus lens mounting please refer to below picture:


• Reflector

Use a lens cloth and lens cleaner to keep all mirrors clean


• Laser beam combiner

Use a lens cloth and lens cleaner to keep combiner lens clean.

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