Nova Series Included Parts

Nova Series Included Parts


Here is what is included with your Thunder Laser Nova series. Tools may be substituted and not look exactly as what is shown below.

See the attached PDFs for legacy info.

Parts List

1. Focus Gauge

Ensure correct focus between laser head and material (6mm).

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2. Optics Removal Tool

Fixed ring for opening reflector and focusing lens.


3 .Lens Cleaning Kit

Frequent cleaning of the lenses helps to extend the life of the lenses.



4. 6mm Nozzle

Provides a soft blowing effect.


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5. Magnets

We need to make sure that the material is flat enough or it may not be in focus.

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6. Lubricating oil

Reduced friction on Z axis leadscrews and corrosion inhibition between bearings and guide rails

7. X/Y Limit switch

Just in case

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8. Allen Wrenches

For your convenience

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9. Snap Ring Pliers

Used with the Allen driver to adjust the tightness of the fixed pulley.

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10. Spare belt

If the original belt is badly worn, it needs to be replaced.

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11. Retractable Blade

For cutting cable ties, unboxing, etc…

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12. Reverse compensation settings

Parameters for optimizing machine engraving effects, each machine’s parameters are unique.


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13. Acrylic

Testing the power of the laser for proper functioning There will be instructions in the link here: 

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14. Spare laser power supply fuses

Newer units may have circuit breakers

15. Ruler

A ruler with numbers on it

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16. Screwdrivers

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17.Cable ties

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18.Usb and Ethernet cable

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Connect with the machine.


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