These are some test files, and a short overview of them, from JefferyJ. His YT channel is an excellent resource:

And here is the description with links: 

I've made a handful of EzCad test grids in past videos, some for power vs speed and others mainly looking at changes in frequency.  The process of setting up 50-100 individual pens and assigning them to little hatch boxes is tedious and time consuming so feel free to download, modify, and use them however you like. 

Links to Dropbox files here: 

1 - Power vs Speed Grid

2 - Power vs Freq Grid

3 - Frequency vs Hatch Grid 

4 - Setup Squares for Distortion (PDF)

5 - EzCad Manual (You can find the EZCad Manual here as well).

And here are some initial tests on our Aurora 20:

Power & Speed Test

Hatch & Frequency Test

Fine Detail Hatch Test

Color Frequency Hatch Test

Video Coming Soon