Here's how it works

Let's take a moment to understand where all of Thunder Laser USA's stock is and how it all comes together:

We have 3 OEM physical inventory locations in the US: 

  • Thunder Laser USA Headquarters & Sales Division in Texas
  • Thunder Laser USA Support & Innovation in Tennessee
  • Thunder Laser USA Logistics Hub in California 

We also have available inventory in our 3rd Party Vendor locations: 

  • RotoBoss in Florida (Rotaries drop ship from here)
  • BeamBuddy in Canada (No direct orders or shipments from here)
  • LightOject (trusted 3rd party independent dealer)

We also get inventory directly from Thunder Laser Global HQ in China.

So, your laser is a kit, boxed up (QC'd ready to run) at Thunder Laser China's factory. They ship them to us where they stage in California. They are dispatched directly to the client from there.

The roller rotary comes from Florida and they typically arrive before (sometimes way before) your machine. 

The Thundercam, 4" head, 2" head, and optics that you ordered with your machine will come out of Texas.

The LightBurn License


All Thunder Laser machines with Ruida DSP's come with a free key for LightBurn. You will get your key in an email once your full balance is paid. 

Your Key will enable 2 instances (3 if you ask nicely :) ) of lightburn for life and includes 1 year of updates. after that year, you can choose to renew or not for a nominal fee. More on that here:


You will go to LightBurn's page to download the software, it doesn't 'come with' the machine:


The renewal link is here:

LightBurn Specific Support

Post in LightBurn's forum:

or contact them:

Getting Parts, Accessories, & Warranty Items

If you have a warranty issue and you have not yet emailed, please do. We will be happy to assist you.


We carry a few of each wattage tube at our Texas facility and they are for warranty issues only. They are not for 'sale'. Retailing tubes is a significant task that would take us from our core competencies, so we found a US supplier that can meet our level of service and streamlined the workflow so you can get fresh tubes fast. 

We have worked with LightObject in California to assist us in providing exact replacement tubes. LightObject holds US stock, rotates and controls stock levels to ensure the freshest tubes, and they are a certified SPT reseller like we are. And, you can use the code THUNDER for a discount.

Please go over the following information thouroughly. Here is the article to buy replacement tubes:

Sourcing NON OEM Replacement Tubes

Chiller Parts

We use genuine S&A chillers and, to give you an idea of how stringent their quality control and analytics are, we have to provide them chiller serial numbers, videos of the issues, etc... before we can even get some of the parts. We do stock warranty only chiller parts in Tennessee.

The article below is our comprehensive chiller theory of operation and diagnostics article with info, video, and links to everything you need, including parts:

Chiller Diagnostics & Theory Of Operation

Replacement Lenses & Mirrors

You can get spare optics while configuring your machine purchase and they will come from our Texas facility. the sales team will be the point of contact for these transactions.

If you want to purchase optics, we now have a 'click and order' system that should streamline the process. We aren't Amazon fast but the parts available on our ecommerce system originate from Tennessee. Most places can expect 1-2 day processing and 1-3 business day priority mail for things like this.

If you want Amazon fast the optics specs are in the manual. And, even if you don't get them from us, don't skimp for inferior optics. II-VI and APC are among the best. 

Here is the link to Thunder Laser USA's Ecommerce System:

This system also manages the warranty stock and inventory systems for the Support & Innovation Labs. These integrate with our support ticket system so we can see all parts, service, support, warranty, and return data 'at a glance' for each client.

HR and 4 inch Heads

Additional head options at the time of your laser purchase and are available now. The heads originate from Texas and can assist with them.

HR and 4 inch Replacement Lenses

Additional optics at the time of your laser purchase and are available now. These optics originate from Texas and can assist with them.

2 inch Replacement Lenses and Mirrors

Additional optics at the time of your laser purchase and are available now. These stock lens and mirrors originate from Texas when ordered with the machine and you can click and order stock lens and mirrors in the ecommerce system:

2" Lens:

25mm MO Mirror Kit:

ThunderCam Cameras

ThunderCAM kits are options at the time of your laser purchase and are available now. The ThunderCAM kits originate from Texas and can assist with them.

If you want to add a camera, but not our kits, you can find all you need to know in this article. It has links to the lightburn cams, etc... 

ThunderCAMs vs. LightBurn & Other USB Webcams

NOTE: There is a backorder on LightBurn cameras but we are working diligently to fulfil those. 

RotoBoss Rotaries handles all RotoBoss parts and support and JER Customs has agent access to our support system so we can all collaborate together.

Chuck Rotaries can get Thunder Chuck Rotaries. They originate from TX or China. They are not packaged with the machines either.

BOFA Fume Extractors

While we have OEM extractor units available from China, we have little data or service history on them. To that end, we have partnered with full service US based BOFA systems distributor. They are able to provide affordable products, services, and support at a level commensurate to our high expectations. BOFA has established itself a leader in the industry and has evaluated all of our products to identify the best extraction equipment for that particular application.

Here is more on BOFA Fume Extractors

Warranty Issues

If you have a warranty issue and you have not yet emailed, please do. We will be happy to assist you.