DANGER: DO NOT CHANGE OUT THE OUTLET. The proper corrective action is to adapt the plug that came with your laser (the incorrect one) to fit your prescribed 110VAC 20A dedicated circuit for your laser, not the other way around.

We have discovered that Nova 35, Nova 51, and Nova 63 units on containers #57 through #72 have been shipped with an incorrect power cord designed for 220V AC 20A. This means the incorrect cord should not fit your dedicated 110V AC 20A circuit. Do not connect the unit to 220 please! The resolution is below:

This should not affect the Mini 60, Nova 24, or Odin 22. We have sent out a mass email to those affected. Some emails may have gone to those who are unaffected in cases where they are unsure, just to be safe.

The laser (which includes the air assist pump, extraction fan, and chiller) electrical power specifications are as follows:


Electricity, Power, Breaker INCLUDING the machine, all stock peripherials, and the chiller:





100 WATT

130 WATT

Electricity Requirement

110 Volt AC 60Hz Single phase

Power consumption     






Recommended circuit breaker / min, wire size*

15A /


15A /


20A /


20A /


20A /


Dedicated Outlet Type

NEMA 5-15

110VAC 15A


NEMA 5-20

110VAC 20A

IMPORTANT: The Nova 35, 51, and 63 now come with NEMA 5-20P 110VAC 20A plugs We always prescribe a dedicated 110VAC 20A NEMA 5-20R outlet for the machines.

The Mini 60 and Nova 24 have a NEMA 5-15P 110VAC 15A plug and will fit a NEMA 5-15R or a NEMA 5-20R

* Always consult with a certified licensed electrician and your local codes dept,, etc.. and follow best practices.

If your power cord that shipped with your machine fits into the 20A 110V AC dedicated circuit then you are okay.

If you received an email and have a Nova 35, 51, or 63 that is on containers #57- #72 then we will arrange the items you need to remedy this issue. If you did not receive an email about this, you are not affected.

You can purchase the adapter below to adapt the cord TEMPORARILY until the correct cord arrives:


Here is more info for your reference::

The main power socket on all Thunder Laser CO2 gantry machines is a PowerCON 'A' (NAC3MPA-1) connector:

The Mini 60, Nova 24, and Odin 22 should ship with a main power cord with a PowerCON 'A' (NAC3FCA) on one side and a NEMA 5-15R plug on the other. This is the standard 110V AC 15A plug:

The Nova 35, Nova 51, and Nova 63 should ship with a main power cord with a PowerCON 'A' on one side and a NEMA 5-20R plug on the other. This is the standard 110V AC 20A plug:

The affected units were shipped with an incorrect power cord. That cord had the same PowerCON 'A" connector on one side and a 220V AC 20A (NEMA 6-20P) plug. THIS IS WHAT THE INCORRECT PLUG looks like:

here is a video explaining the two different plugs we are dealing with:

and, in summary:

the nema 5-20p is the correct plug for nova 35, 51, and 63. the nema 6-20p is never used in our north american units. the nema 6-20p plug was accidentally sent out with some us units and the adapter is for those instances (until we can dispatch the correct nema 5-15p plug to the affected users.

Here is a chart for reference (the hi-res chart is attached as a pdf below):