There is quite a lot of discussion about logistics and delivery and how it relates to Thunder Laser USA. Much of this discussion revolves around 3 main areas: Lead Times, Order Of Delivery, and Carrier Unable or Unwilling To Offload.

This article will address these topics as well as provide the logistics providers everything they need to know to successfully offload our equipment.

If you are a logistics provider for a Thunder Laser USA equipment delivery,

please pay particular attention to Section 3 for important info.

Lead Times

The lead times can vary due to many of the the same reasons discuss in the next section, coupled with all of the other logistics woes covered in this article. 

And we get very little tracking data ourselves, but we do pass on any info we receive. 

That said, we are actually very accurate with the lead time estimates and they sometimes make it a bit early, at least in the pre-covid world. It seems that logistics have tanked over the past year or so and it is beyond your span of control. 

Order Of Delivery

Here is why it appears that the machines don't arrive in exactly the same order in which they are assigned... because they don't.

We preorder containers of machines based on what we think we will need and what makes the most effective use of the cargo space in that container. these are ordered well before you call and put your name on one.

Container X may have a Nova 63 or 2, 4 Nova 51's, 5 Nova 35's, 8 Nova 24's, a few Mini 60's etc... Container Y may have a totally different quantity of machines.

If you get the last Nova 35 on container X, and the very next caller wants a 35, they go in the next available slot.. on the next container, so there could be a 2, 3, or even 4 week difference depending on the pre ordered inventory even though you ordered 10 minutes apart.

When you order a machine, it is already in the pipeline, we dont order the machines as the individual orders are taken. we keep adding more containers and more machines and still, all of the slots fill up. this is why there is more to it than just the date you sign on the dotted line.

So, long story short, no one is skipping line or screwing up the ordering and delivery sequence. it's just that we are working with predefined quantities and we put you in the closest slot we can. hope that helps.

That said, There are instances where some containers arrive before others after we have staged them. This is totally out of our control so we have to adapt to the situation. 

Carrier Unable/Unwilling To Deliver

Thunder Laser USA always specifies residential liftgate and all weights, dimensions, etc... are known beforehand, so the carrier should not have any last minute objections. We are working on our processes and collaborating with our logistics providers to make sure the carriers have the info they need to ensure a successful delivery. 

More on that here:

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