The projected prices are below (subject to change):

Aurora 20 standard:    ~$6,600 USD

Aurora 50 standard:   ~$8,800 USD

Aurora 20 MOPA:        ~$10,800 USD

Here is the manual with more info:

Aurora Series Unified User's Manual

This machine has secured FDA approval. Once the Support & Innovation Labs receives one for some initial data gathering and testing, we will be launching and will notify everyone on the update list (see below).

Fiber vs. MOPA

Basically, fiber sources are q-switched and mopa uses a master oscillator power amplifier. So it's just different technology in the source. the mopa can pulse with more amplitude so you can actually dial in the frequency and other settings to create different colors and contrasts, whereas a standard fiber source has narrower frequency range.

MOPA can do this (fiber can't):

More details about fiber and MOPA sources can be found HERE.