● The red dot pointer is off

Locate on the Red Dot Pointer Mount in the rear of the machine, and check if the Red Dot Pointer is on, like below. It will not form a 'normal' looking spot typically so don't automatically assume the module has failed.

If not, please open the lower left hand door panel, find the connector for the red dot and check if it’s connected well, like below. This connector gets its +5VDC power from the TL Timer board.

● Red dot lens damage due to beam reflection

Here is an example of a red dot module lens assembly that has exposed to reflected beam energy. This is almost always caused by using too much power while processing reflective materials like powder coated tumblers, anodized metals, bare metal in conjunction with a marking compound, attempting to cut metals, etc...  This specific issue is not normally covered under warranty.  

● The red dot pointer is not aligned

Procedure: Align the Red Dot pointer

1.Move the laser head on the middle of the working table.

2.Place a square of masking tape over the left side of the third mirror carriage, and mark a dot on the center, like below.

3.Use the three adjustment screws on the Red Dot Pointer Mount to move red dot to the mark dot on the tape, like below.


The red dot pointer pigtail is terminated with a barrel connector so you can easily replace it. It is a +5vDC device. It is powered from the TL Timer board. 

You can get a replacement here (be sure  'red dot pointer 10x35mm' is selected): https://www.cloudraylaser.com/products/cloudray-znse-laser-beam-combiner-set?variant=8522511745075