Leadshine's iSS series hybrid servos are highly integrated closed-loop stepper systems. An iSS integrated stepper has a stepper motor integrated with a 1,000-line (4,000 PPR) encoder and a hybrid servo drive. 

At very compact size and with all components integrated, the iSS series steppers can save mounting space, eliminate encoder connection and motor wiring time, reduce interference, and lower cable and labour cost. 

By adopting Leadshine's latest hybrid servo (closed-loop stepper) control technology, the iSS series integrated steppers offer high starting torque, high precision and smooth movement, and super-low noise at low speed movement with no obvious resonance area. 

Different from a conventional constant-current drive in open-loop stepper controls, output current of the iSS is dynamic and changes depending on load condition, the same as servo controls. Therefore, it can significantly reduce motor heating and increase motor lifetime. 

The drive takes step & direction commands, and is capable of outputting in-position and fault signals back to the master controller or external devices for complete system controls. The integrated 1,000-line encoder offers the real-time motor shaft position to the drive. Based on that position, the drive can close the loop between the motor and drive, eliminating the possibility of stall or loss of movement synchronization which is often found in open-loop stepper systems. 

By getting rid of torque reservation in open-loop stepper systems, the iSS series integrated steppers can significantly improve high speed performance by as much as 30%. In addition, they perform much better in response time and acceleration over open-loop stepper systems.

Compared with brushless servo systems, the iSS series integrated steppers offer much higher low-speed-torque, no overshooting and zero settling time, no hunting, and no/little tuning. Significant cost cutting of the package (motor + encoder + drive) also makes the iSS series integrated steppers ideal for the motion control systems in many applications.

The motor and drive are integrated, saving wiring labor and reducing installation space;
The working voltage range covers 24VDC~36VDC;
The working current can be set, and the maximum peak current can reach 7.0A;
Support pulse/direction or double pulse control mode, can receive differential and single-ended signal commands, and the signal level is 5~24V compatible;
Optocoupler isolated differential signal input, strong anti-interference ability;
The impulse response frequency is up to 500KHz, and the default is 200KHz, with digital filtering function;
Provide 15 levels of conventional micro-step subdivision settings, the maximum subdivision number is 256 (51200ppr), allowing users to set the number of subdivisions within the maximum micro-step subdivision range;
When the control pulse stops more than 400ms, the motor current is automatically halved to further reduce the motor heating;
Provide graphical professional debugging software ProTuner, configure drive control parameters through RS-232 communication interface, and set trapezoidal wave speed test mode and point motion test mode;
According to the characteristics of the motor operation, different anti-vibration strategies are adopted for low and medium speeds to ensure the stable operation of the motor within the full speed range;
Automatic identification of motor parameters and automatic adjustment of control parameters, automatically generate optimal control parameters for different motors, and maximize the performance of the motor;
Built-in micro-step subdivision algorithm to realize low subdivision control command and high subdivision operation effect;
High reliability, providing protection functions such as overvoltage and overcurrent;
With alarm output function 







Peak current





Input power supply voltage





Logic input current





Logic input voltage





Pulse frequency





Insulation resistance


More info here: http://www.leadshine.com/pdf/Leadshine_Catalog_2012_2013.pdf