A client with a Nova 24-60 is needing to fine tune his settings for rubber stamps. These tests are performed on a Nova 35-80 but the 20 Watt differential can be factored in. I used an untouched .lbrn file, provided by the client, that has proven to be problematic.

Example 1 is using the client's saved parameters. Example 2 is a duplicate of X1 with settings changes and no ramp. Example 3 is a duplicate of X2 and has a small ramp enabled.

Here is the material i used in my tests:


Here the finished examples are viewed under a microscope:

Here are stills of the 3 examples:

Here are X 1-3 mounted, inked, and tested. The depth needs to be increased on X2 and X3:

Here is what the stamps look like under the scope after inking and stamping:

And here is the stamp on white copy paper: