The ThunderCAM PDF Instructions are attached at the end of this article

Kit Contents

LightBurn Camera

LightBurn Cam Mount

Camera USB Cable

USB Adapter

USB Cable

Mounting Accessories


Camera Mounting & Cable Routing

The camera should be mounted to the lid, centrally located above the bed. The camera USB cable can be routed through the glass retaining clips across and down the right side of the lid then through the existing grommet that accesses the main electronics bay. Some wire ties and adhesive mounting pads are included to help secure the cabling.

Interfacing The U-Disk Port

This will allow the camera to utilize the U-Disk port on the side of the machine to neatly get the camera connected to your computer without drilling holes or finding an existing exit point. If you use the U-Disk port under normal conditions you may need to modify this approach. The end goal is to connect the USB camera directly to the PC.


          Remove the U-Disk USB cable from the DSP controller U-Disk Port


 Connect the adapter to the DSP U-Disk Cable

 Connect the LightBurn camera to the U-Disk cable via the USB adapter



          Connect the USB cable from the U-Disk port on the outside panel of the laser to your PC

Calibration and alignment procedures are a function of LightBurn. Here are some handy resources: 

The ThunderCAM PDF Instructions are attached: