As of 2020 July 1st, there are four changes being implemented gradually:


Video Overview

Z Axis Controls

The Z axis up/down buttons on panels have been applied since Container#20.



Chiller Main Power

Some machines now are with chiller connected to machine (gradually from Container#22)


Crumb Trays

The waste collecting drawer/drop tray. (gradually from #23), this feature will start from Nova 35\51\63.Drop tray for Nova 24 is not planned at the time of publication of this article.


X & Y Gear Ratios

4. X&Y gear ratio used to be 2:1.  From the beginning of 2020, Y axis gear ratio for Nova 35/51/63 was changed to 3:1, aiming to decrease the unsmooth cutting problem on big machine. (but increasing the gear ratio will sacrifice speed, so we still keep the X ratio 2:1).


 X & Y Motors & Drivers

Gradually from May, we changed some motor and driver to new models on Nova 51 and Nova 63, also aiming to improve the cutting smoothness. (but change also means unexpected problem, we would make more testing before fully replacing them).

So we are using two types of easy servo motors and drivers.

  1. Driver HBS57-500(V2.0), Motor: 573HBM20-LS-1000
  2. New driver: CL1-507-3LS (grey color), New motor: 573HBM20-L-1000




  1. Z axis up/down buttons: from #20
  2. 3:1  Y axis gear ratio on Nova 35/51/63: from the beginning of 2020.
  3. New Motor/driver:from all machines on #20;  Nova 51 and Nova 63 on #21, #22, and #23
  4. Chiller connected to machine:  Nova 24 on #22,   Nova 24 and Nova 51 on #23
  5. Drop tray:   only 3 machines on #23 have this feature as of now: 
  • Nova 35-80w, 2009390
  • Nova 35-100w, 2009392
  • Nova 35-100w, 2009394
  • #24 & #25 is not certain yet.