Our chillers come programmed to intelligent mode for the T-503 temp controller (CW-5000 series) and constant mode for t-504 (CW-6000 series) controllers.

Intelligent mode means the water temperature will be maintained with in +/- 5 degrees of the ambient air temperature as defined in the chiller controller settings. Constant setpoint means the temp will will be maintained with in +/- 5 degrees of the set point.

Here is how to change to constant temp mode from intelligent mode:

1. Press and hold “▲” button and “SET” button for 5 seconds

2. Until “00” is displayed

3. Press “▲” button to select the password “08”. (Default setting is 08)

4. Press “SET” button to enter menu setting

5. Press “▲”button until F3 is displayed (F3 stands for way of control)

6. Press “▼” button to change the data from 1 to 0. (1 means intelligent temperature control mode while 0 means constant temperature mode)

7. Press “RST” button to save the modification and exit setting

You can find the users manual here: S&W CW-5000 Series Chiller User Manual

Here is how to change the temperature set point: Constant Mode Temperature Set Point on CW-5XXX Chillers

Here is a video on how to select the mode.