The laser (which includes the air assist pump and extraction fan) electrical power specifications are as follows:

You can find this info in our new Nova series Unified Users Manual:

Nova Series Unified Owner’s Manual (US)

The chiller electrical power specifications are as follows:

This can be found in the chiller manual:

S&W CW-5000 Series Chiller User Manual

More on the wiring:

Newer Nova series machines power the chiller directly via the Laser Power Switch. See more here:

 July 1, 2020 Nova Series Changes

The power requirements of the lasers differ by wattage and the 130W units require a dedicated 20A plug, meaning that a 130W Thunder laser will not plug into a standard 15A 110VAC outlet. 

You cannot swap a 15A plug out with a 20A outlet. The breaker is still 15A and the wire is not rated for 20A circuits. If you have questions about this beyond the scope of the laser's power requirements you may want to seek the advice of an electrician.


40W to 100W Nova series machines have a standard 15A 110VAC plug but that doesn't necessarily mean it only requires 15A to operate the system. A 20A 110VAC dedicated circuit is strongly advised for all installations. 

The 40w and 60w machines can run on a  dedicated 15A 110VAC circuit. 

The 80w to 130w machines must have a dedicated 20A 110VAC supply.