Thunder Laser USA Bi-Weekly Tech Webinar

Thunder Laser USA Bi-Weekly Tech Webinar

Every Other Thursday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm Central Standard Time

(Subject to change. Excludes holidays, etc...) .

Webinar Join Link

The link to the webinar never changes  and is linked in the Facebook event as well as below:  AND .

Webinar Agenda

This is the basic agenda we try to follow. It can vary, however:

First 15 minutes - Welcome, Intros, and First Timers

Next 15 minutes - Newcomer Questions & Comments

Next 15 minute s - Planned Topic(s) and/or Guests (Subject to change)

Last 15 Minutes - Open Discussion

Facebook Events Page

Please check our FB Events page to see and join all events:

Webinar Playlist

Here is the complete webinar series playlist:

Webinar Google Public Calendar

You can find any topics, guests, details, etc... that may be planned (subject to change without notice) by clicking the instance in the calendar

Webinar Topic & Guest List

You can also find the topics, guest, and resources below.

If the embedded sheet is hard to manage, you can see the full view in another tab    HERE

Request A Webinar Topic

You can request a topic here:

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