Thunder Laser Dual-Stage Air Assist Sequencing Issues

Thunder Laser Dual-Stage Air Assist Sequencing Issues

Thunder Lasers with dual-stage air assist systems sometimes experience sequencing issues. This anomaly is predominately occurring when the laser is connected to the computer via USB (or thunderbolt/USB-C adapters).

If you toggle air assist ON in LightBurn the high volume stage should activate. If you toggle air assist OFF then that should be the low volume stage. Sometimes this can get out of sequence and work backwards.

Here are the supported workarounds for this issue (#3 is the best solution)

1. Switch the USB communication protocol to Packet instead of Serial. Here's how  (#3 is the best solution):

2. Connect via Ethernet like this (#3 is the best solution):

Connecting A Thunder Laser To LightBurn Via Ethernet

3. Use SEND or SHIFT+SEND to initiate the file transfer to the DSP instead of START. When you hit START the job is streamed to the controller. When you press SEND or SHIFT+SEND it transfers the entire file over into the DSP's flash memory. 

When you use SEND the file transfers to the controller and you can go into FILE and run it from the machine. If you hold SHIFT and click SEND it will do the process above but will also initiate the job automatically. So it behaves like START :)

Keep in mind that these DSP's have 128M non-expandable memory. SEND methods fill up the memory on the controller so you have to keep the files cleaned up on the controller. You can manage the files from inside LightBurn as well.

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