Thunder Laser Aurora Fiber Galvo

Thunder Laser Aurora Fiber Galvo

AURORA 8 comes with 20w standard fiber laser source, 110x110mm field lens, EZCAD2 controller/ software as standard. Customers can choose optional 150x150mm and 200x200mm lenses if needed.

 AURORA 8 PRO comes with 20w MOPA laser source (or 50W fiber), 150x150mm field lens, EZCAD3 controller/ software,and high speed Feeltek Galvanometer as standard. Customers can choose 110x110mm and 200x200mm field lenses as options if needed.

Comparing to basic  Aurora 8, the PRO version performs extraordinarily better because the EZCAD3 controller supports multi-point correction, allowing higher accuracy and efficiency.  In addition, the Feeltek galvanometer can reach 8000mm/s, 4 times the speed of the ordinary galvanometer.

Unique advantages of Thunder Laser Aurora marking machine:

1. Full housing, closed laser safety system;

2. TL timer smart board: automatically control the exhaust fan, alarm light and double door protection;

3. Infrared autofocus;

4. Safety circuit control design.

The projected prices are below (subject to change):

Aurora 8-20:    ~$6,600 USD

Aurora 8-50 PRO:   ~$10,800 USD

Aurora 8-20 MOPA PRO: ~$10,800 USD

Here is the manual with more info:

Aurora Series Unified User's Manual


The brochure is attached at the bottom of this article

Fiber systemAURORA 8AURORA 8 PRO
Max marking area200*200mm/7.9"
Max working area200*200mm/7.9"
LensMarking areaMax work HeightFocus DiameterFocus length
Max marking speed2m/sec, 200cps8m/sec, 800cps
Z-axisMotorized Z-axis, 15.4"/390mm
TableAlumina table, 14.2"×10.5"/360×265mm
Net weight71kgs/157bs72kgs/159lbs
Housing dimensions(W*D*H)27.7"×17"×32"/703mm×430mm×812mm
Laser power fiber20,50watts
Laser power MOPA20watts
Pulse width110ns2-350ns
CoolingAir cooled
Red dot pointerLaser Power<1mW, 630-680nm
PSAURORA 8 comes standard with F-160,20W.
AURORA 8 PRO comes with F-210, MOPA 20W as standard.

Fiber vs. MOPA

Basically, fiber sources are q-switched and mopa uses a master oscillator power amplifier. So it's just different technology in the source. the mopa can pulse with more amplitude so you can actually dial in the frequency and other settings to create different colors and contrasts, whereas a standard fiber source has narrower frequency range.

MOPA can do this (fiber can't):

More details about fiber and MOPA sources can be found HERE.

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