Preventing Adjustable Foot Damage on Nova Series Machines

Preventing Adjustable Foot Damage on Nova Series Machines

The freestanding Nova Series machines (Nova 35, 51, and 63) all have 4 heavy duty casters for easy rolling, as well a 4 adjustable feet used secure and level the unit in place.

These feet can become damaged during the unboxing and setup procedure if care is not taken to make sure the 4 feet are in their highest position. This often occurs when the machine is removed from the crate.

When moving the machine, please rotate the foot stand to the most top.  There are two movable nuts, the upper one is usually screwed on the most top to fix the stand. Please screw that upper nut down so can rotate the foot up to top. 

Please refer to this video from 1:40 to 2:14. Before moving the machine off the pallet, you need to screw the foot to the most top.

How to lower a leveling foot:

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