Odin Lens Selection

Odin Lens Selection

Preface: This article covers the difference between the Four Lens options for the Odin series machines. The same principles apply to the Bolt as well.

Intro Video:

The  Four Lens Options Side by Side:

Engraving Test:

The same picture was engraved with all four lens with the same power speed with the picture parameters set as shown:

Speed: 1500mm/s
Power: 30%
Picture mode: Halftone
Cells per inch: 90


1.5 inch lens:

The 1.5″ lens has the smallest burn dot to provide the most detailed engraving effect. But at the same time it has the shortest cutting thickness

2.0 inch lens:

The thickness of the 2.0″ lens cuts and the engraving effect are well balanced for most cases
laser cutter wood

2.5 inch lens:

The 2.5″ lens is ideal for thicker materials that require engraving and cutting

4.0 inch lens:

4.0″ lens engraving fidelity is not as good as other lenses but it is meant for cutting thicker materials

Dot Spacing Comparison:

When we have finished engraving all the images, we can then use a magnifying glass to compare the size of the burn dots engraved by each lens

Lens Selection based on Engraving and Cutting needs:

Fineness of engraving:
1.5″ better than 2.0″ better than 2.5″ better than 4. 0″

Depth of cut:
4.0″ better than 2.5″ better than 2.0″ better than 1.5″

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