Odin Lens Selection

Odin Lens Selection

In the new ODIN laser head we have adopted a new design that allows it to support 4 different lenses and to fit the same focal length

First we use the same picture and the same power speed with the picture parameters set

Speed: 1500mm/s
Power: 30%
Picture mode: Halftone
Cells per inch: 90
Then let’s use different lenses to engrave this one pattern

1.5 inch lens

The 1.5″ lens has the smallest light spot to provide a more detailed engraving effect. But at the same time it has the shortest cutting thickness

2.0 inch lens

The thickness of the 2.0″ lens cuts and the engraving effect are well balanced for most cases
laser cutter wood

2.5 inch lens

The 2.5″ lens is ideal for thick materials that require engraving and cutting

4.0 inch lens

4.0″ lens engraving effect is not as good as other lenses but for cutting thicker materials will have better results.

When we have finished engraving all the images we use a magnifying glass to compare the size of the light spots engraved by each lens

Then we can observe the distance between each spot from the figure can be derived from the effect of the lens on the spot effect

we can choose the lenses we want to use according to our needs.
About the fineness of engraving:
1.5″ better than 2.0″ better than 2.5″ better than 4. 0″

About the depth of cut:
4.0″ better than 2.5″ better than 2.0″ better than 1.5″