Nova Series Technical Specifications

Nova Series Technical Specifications

Here are the Nova Series Specs. They can also be found in the Nova Series Users Manual.

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        THUNDER LASER NOVA SERIES BELT SPECIFICATIONS MINI 60 NOVA 24 NOVA 35 NOVA 51 NOVA 63 BELT QTY BELT QTY BELT QTY BELT QTY BELT QTY X axis 3M-15-1900 1 3M-15-1900 1 3M-15-2480 1 3M-15-3300 1 3M-15-3870 1 Y axis 3M-15-1210 2 3M-15-1210 2 3M-15-1670 2 ...
    • Nova Series Users Manual

      Nova Series Users Manual Note: this manual is distributed globally and has Thunder Laser China's contact information in it. For Thunder Laser USA support please email
    • Nova Series Machine Dimensions

      shown with tube extension shown without tube extension for rear dimension only. ALL NOVA 24's HAVE TUBE EXTENSIONS FOR YOUR REFERENCE: The nova 24 weighs in at around 308 pounds and measures roughly 55"x31"x23". Similarly, a typical 21 cu. ft. ...
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      Please see the attached.
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      Also be sure to see our head overview article: Nova Series Overview - Heads, Optics, Focus