NOVA series How To replace the 36VDC Driver Power Supply

NOVA series How To replace the 36VDC Driver Power Supply

This article covers how to replace the 36V Power supply that powers the drivers for your NOVA machine

You will need:
-30 minutes
-Phillips screw driver with standard length
-Replacement Meanwell LRS-350-36 power supply


Step 1: Unplug the Machine from the wall outlet and the back of the machine at the socket

Step 2: Flip the Main Breaker to the Down Position

Test that Power is removed from the 36V Power Supply. Check that there is no voltage from L4 to N4 and L4 to PE\GND
(Note that the terminals on the Power Supply are Labeled L, N and the Ground Symbol)

Step 4: Take a Picture of your wiring before removing the wires from the terminals. (Note that your order of wiring may vary, there are groups of common terminals V+ and V-)
-Remove the plastic cover over the terminals

Step 5: Disconnect the Power Supply wiring and push fork terminals to the side

Step 6: Remove the 4 Screws (Circled in Red) holding the power supply to the backpanel (2 Per side). Start with the right side first, be careful not to drop them:

Step 7: Remove the power supply from the bracket by removing the 4 Screws (Circled in red)

Step 8: Check that the power supply is configured for 115v. Red switch on the top should be slid so that you see the 115v Text

Step 9:Re-Install in Reverse Order. Pay attention to wiring and when you tighten the screws, make sure the termination is not landing on the insulated part of the of the fork.

Step 8: Adjust the Power Supply for 36V output:
Once everything is installed and double checked for correctness, power the machine back up by connecting the main power, flipping the breaker and turning on the main laser switch.. Use a multimeter to measure the output from V+ to V- and Adjust the White Trim Pot to get 36V. Turn the trim pot next to the green LED slowly clockwise to increase voltage, counter-clockwise to decrease.

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