Nova Series Belts

Nova Series Belts

Preface: This article covers Nova Series Belts for the Z, Y and Z axes.

We don't maintain links for these belts from 3rd party vendors, but a quick google search of the belt number should yield you a variety of choices

How to read a Belt Part Number:

(Note that Length may be omitted when buying bulk or when searching for bulk length belt)

Nova Series Belts:


X axisHTD-1900-3M-151HTD-1900-3M-151HTD-2480-3M-151HTD-3300-3M-151HTD-3870-3M-151
Y axisHTD-1210-3M-152HTD-1210-3M-152HTD-1670-3M-152HTD-2235-3M-152HTD-2425-3M-152
X motorHTD-228-3M-151HTD-228-3M-151HTD-228-3M-151HTD-228-3M-151HTD-228-3M-151
Y motorHTD-228-3M-151HTD-228-3M-151HTD-228-3M-151HTD-228-3M-151HTD-228-3M-151
Z axis (new)N/AN/AHTD-3000-3M-15
Z axis (old)N/AN/AHTD-3000-3M-151HTD-2388-3M-152HTD-3000-3M-152HTD-3300-3M-152

For the X and Y axes belts:
When looking for the belt from online vendors, first search for HTD-3m-15, you will then be able to buy them in bulk lengths to then cut to fit.

Z Axis Belt:
These are continuous belts that can be special ordered through thunder. Please reach out to to request a quote.

Belt Tension Measurements:

How to measure the tension of the X-axis belt and Y-axis left and right belts:

Before measuring the belt tension, power off your machine please push the Laser Head to the far left position of the guide rail when testing the X belt, and push the gantry rail to the back of the machine.

Test tool: Electronic dynamometer

X-Axis Belt
Y-Axis Belt
Nova 24
4.25N ±.25
4.5N ±.1
Nova 35
3.25N ±.25
4N ±.1
Nova 51
3.25N ±.25
4N ±.1
Nova 63
3.25N ±.25
4N ±.1

How to measure the tension of the Z-axis belt:

Please power off the machine before inspection, make sure the platform won't slide downward when you press the platform by your hand

Test tool: Electronic Dynamometer

Nova24 model: As the belt is blocked by the cover, it can not be tested and its adjustment is
subject to actual experience, refer to the belt tightness of the larger machines;

Nova35: 11.5N ±1
Nova51: 11.5N ±1
Nova63: 10.5~12.5N;

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