LightBurn Trial Mock Nova ODIN and Bolt Setup

LightBurn Trial Mock Nova ODIN and Bolt Setup

Preface: This article will walk you through a mock device setup so you can emulate a Thunder Laser in your LightBurn trial. There are two methods to do it, the Manual method where you create the profile per the instructions in the video and the dimensions for your machine and the Import method. This is for gantry lasers only. Galvo setup is a little different

Quick Start Guide:

Two options, create manually (slow) or download and import (fast).

Manually Create:

Download and Import a Profile:

Complete Guide:

When installing LightBurn for the first time be sure to select Install FTDI Drivers so they will already be loaded. Once you get your Thunder Laser you can delete the mock device and run the "Find My Laser" Wizard (if connected USB, not applicable to Ethernet) and it should find and install your Thunder Laser automatically or use the device you already have set up and just add the scanning offsets, etc.

There are two ways to accomplish this, you can do the manual method or the easy method of downloading and importing a profile. Both methods are detailed below.

Manually Create:

Use these values for WORK AREA dimensions:

Nova 24
Nova 35
Nova 51
Nova 63
Odin 22
Odin 32

1.Select Create Manually
2.Select Ruida Controller
3.Select Packet USB

4.Enter Dimensions and Name Device
5.Select Rear Left
6.Summary Page

Download and Import a Profile:

1.Download the profile for the machine you want to create a mock trial of from the bottom of this article.
2.After you install Lightburn and open it up, it will ask that you create a Device. Select the Import button and navigate to where you downloaded the Device profile and select it for import.  Then click Ok.

1.Select the Import Button.
2.Navigate to the location of the .lbdev file, Click on it, select Open. Your new Device is imported.

Note that the Simulator Settings for the mock setup may look a little different than when you connect and upload from your actual machine. Lightburn gives you the ability to modify them to give you more accurate results (estimate vs actual) and Lightburn applies some default scaling when you upload.

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