LightBurn Start Delay to allow the fan to spool before the job starts

LightBurn Start Delay to allow the fan to spool before the job starts

Since LightBurn 1.2.00, a function has been added to the device settings in LightBurn to define a time delay for the start and end of a job. Click the wrench/screwdriver icon to open the pop-up Device Settings window. Adjust your start delay to 2-8sec to give the Thunder in-line fan enough time to spool up to its max speed. NOTE:  Thunder Lasers already has an End Delay built in timer that allows the exhaust fan to run aproximatly 30sec after the job to clear out left over fumes and smoke. This action is done by Thunders proprietary TL Timer board so the end time should be left at 0.0.  

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