Lead-In and Lead-Out

Lead-In and Lead-Out


Lead-In and Lead-Out as defined by Lightburn. 

Lead-in and Lead-out are optional lines or curves added to the start or end of a cut. When cutting thick material, particularly if using 'Cut Through' delays, or cutting metal, there is often a mark left at the start of the cut that is slightly thicker than the rest, and can leave an indent on an otherwise smooth edge. With this setting, you can add a small line to the start or end of a cut, so that mark happens off the cut line itself. The 'Angle' value controls the placement of the lead line - a positive number tells LightBurn to put the lead line outside the shape, and a negative number means to put it inside. You can choose to make the lead a straight line, or a short arc.

The shape above on the left is using an arc set to +45 degrees, so it starts outside the shape. The one on the right is a line set to -20 degrees, so it appears inside the shape.

Great Thunder Video by Brian Bell.

Another YouTube Video running through the process

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