How to fix the Thunder Bolt Camera Live Preview that is rotated or flipped upside down

How to fix the Thunder Bolt Camera Live Preview that is rotated or flipped upside down

Preface: The OEM camera manufacturer sold cameras of the same part number but with varying firmware which caused the images to be flipped on some Thunder Laser machines.

Three Solutions:

1. Physically Invert Camera Position
2. Send Camera to Thunder to Flip with Software (Mac Users)
3. Use Software to flip (Windows Only)

Physically Invert Camera Position

Quick Start Video:

Complete Guide:

Invert Procedure:

Tools you need:
1.5mm Allen Wrench
2mm Allen Wrench
Time to complete: 10 minutes

1. Loosen Screens for Camera Cover
Do not completely remove the screws. There are four of them. Just loosen
2. Remove Camera Cover
3. Unbolt Camera
For these small screws it would be good to cover the bed first as you are likely to drop one
4. Rotate camera and route cable
5. Bolt Camera Back
6. Reinstall Cover

Send Camera to Thunder to Flip

Thunder will send you a replacement camera and a shipping return label. You will need to swap the camera and then return the original camera back to Thunder.

Swap Procedure: Use the steps shown above to remove the camera. The only additional steps are for your to remove the cable from camera and send it to Thunder with a label provided by Thunder Laser USA. When you get a camera back

Use Software to Flip (Windows Only) 

Unplug all other cameras from your computer, including your ThunderCam. The software can flash and brick your Thundercam.

Problem description:

The Live preview in Lightburn is flipped 180°


The camera manufacturer has software packaged to update the camera's firmware.  After loading the firmware, the camera will be flipped to the correct direction.

1.     Turn on your Bolt and connect to it with USB cable to your computer.

2.     Open the camera direction program — ‘KINGSEN TOOLS V20201225.exe’



3.     Select the firmware file KS5A2361.bin and then click the ‘Download’ button.

Note: Before clicking the download button, you must to turn off the computer's camera software (Close Lightburn and any software trying to access the camera).


4.     Wait for the firmware upgrade to complete



5.     When you see the green Pass logo, it means that the upgrade procedure has been completed. Then please open the Lightburn software camera to check whether the camera direction has been changed to the correct direction.

 If you see red Fail logo, it means the upgrade process is failed.

(1). Make sure there is no other software on the computer is using the camera and retry

(2). Make sure that the connection between the camera and the computer is stable and retry

(3). Unplug and re-plug the PC cable again and retry

Windows Blocking the EXE from running:

If you get a message from windows that looks like this, with a popup too:

Error Message
Popup from Windows Defender

Then Windows is going to block and delete the EXE file. What you need to do is temporarily suspend protection and re-enable protection once done with the image flip software. 

How to Disable and Enable Protection:

By doing so you understand and accept risks of disabling the protection, beyond just running the EXE that was downloaded.

In your Tool Bar, right Click on the Windows Defender Icon and Select to View security Dashboard
Security Dashboard Home Page

Select the "Virus & threat protection" page
Click the "Manage Settings" under "Virus & threat protection settings"

Click the ON slider to change it to Off
Click Yes on the Popup Prompt

Protection Off
Protection On. Set the protection back to on once done with the Flip Software

Be sure to go back an re-enable protection once finished.

Where to get Winrar and WinZip:

Winrar Trial:

WinZip Trial:

    If you are a Thunder Laser USA client and still need Technical Support after exhausting the resources in the Knowledge Base, simply email and the Technical Support Team will promptly assist you!