How to choose the right nozzle

How to choose the right nozzle


For the nova series laser head nozzle options, we currently offer two different sizes. They are both suitable for 4″ or 2″ laser heads.

Video Tutorial

This time we use a 2-inch laser head to demonstrate their application scenarios.

First we use a 2mm nozzle.

2mm nozzle allows for more concentrated blowing and greater air pressure

Now we use it to cut plywood boards

This time it is necessary to concentrate the blowing air at the same time the air pressure should be large

Now we change to 6MM nozzle

It provides a discrete and soft blowing effect

So when we use it to cut the plywood it will produce smoke blowing onto the board at the cut

But when cutting acrylic, it will enter a molten state

The dispersed and gentle blowing effect provided by the 6mm nozzle reduces the temperature during cutting

It can reduce the chance of fire when cutting and make the cutting surface smoother.

So we can get the same effect as in the figure

When we switch to the 2mm nozzle, because his blowing air is too violent resulting in the molten state of the acrylic is blown away, there will be white traces

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