How to Change Bolt touchscreen Ruida GT5 to English from displaying Chinese

How to Change Bolt touchscreen Ruida GT5 to English from displaying Chinese

Preface: This article covers how to change the language back to English.

If your touchscreen is not in English, do not worry. You are only a few clicks away from having it back in English.

Quick Start Video:

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Complete Guide Step by Step:

1. Power off your Bolt and then power it back up, we need to get the Bolt to Reboot to the home screen


Then On:

2. Acknowledge the initial prompt

Initial Prompt:

Button to Press:

3. Let the machine finishing homing, then select the button with the gear Icon

Message while the machine is homing (initializing)

Select the button with the Gear Icon:

4. Select the Top Left menu option, it will be the one to set your language

Top Left Icon is the one to change Languages:

5. Pick your language

Select your language, in this case English

6. All Done

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