DC vs RF vs Fiber Deep Engrave Resolution On Stone

DC vs RF vs Fiber Deep Engrave Resolution On Stone


This was my first time using the multi-cam 'live production' workflow with a remote so please excuse my excessive use of 'uh' as well as all of the other hiccups :) 

This test will be done on stone samples on both a Nova 35-80 DC tube machine, as well as an Odin 22-25 RF source machine. We are testing for speed, depth, resolution, etc... from each machine to determine the best machine for these materials.

Part 1 - Initial testing to verify if deep engraving is possible on Nova 35:

Part 2 - substrates react quite differently from one another on Nova 35:

Part 3 - after a second look, the results on the darker sample is not that bad. 

Part 4 - The artwork is often the cause of output anomalies, an can often be optimized, so I wanted to have a look at the provided graphic.

Part 5 - The next step was to do some of this on Odin 22 30w RF, but it was taken out to make room for a fiber (and on Odin 32 60w RF!!!), so I wanted to see what the Aurora 20w Fiber Galvo would do.

Part 6 - Here is a USB scope comparison of the outputs of the Nova 35-80 and the Aurora Fiber. , This sample is one of the hardest to dial in. And the fiber is only a day old and I had ZERO idea what I was doing. I'm sure we can dial this stuff in!

MORE TO COME. RF testing will begin once Odin 32 lands.

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